Ushering in a new era of sustainable supply chain in the Palm Oil industry

The Palm Oil industry has been known to face compliance, financial and reputational risks by failing to engage in sustainable palm oil production, trading and consumption.

With the demand for Sustainable Palm Oil at an all time high, it has become a massive challenge for buyers and sellers alike to discover & find discounted premiums. Furthermore, they also do not have digital workflows in place to track the FFB, as 40% of buyers & sellers are Smallholders who are cut out from the Sustainable Supply Chain.

DIBIZ addresses all these issues for smallholders through the DIBIZ mobile app – an easy to use app that digitizes and makes it easy for smallholders and independent organizations to take part in sustainable supply chains.

DIBIZ offers customers value at each level across a supply chain. Our integrated ecosystem connects the entire supply chain in its entirety, enabling real time traceability right to block level for manufacturers. With DIBIZ, manufacturers can now find the source of the product with just one click of a button.

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DIBIZ is designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We are a one-of-its-kind marketplace focused on business outcomes and we set ourselves apart from the rest by offering:

Faster time to value

Delivery within weeks not in months

Ships faster message

Commercial flexibility

Flexible and adaptive to commercial terms

Deep domain experience

High customer satisfaction

Key Features

Trade Management

Easily manage your trades and integrate with your trade management system

Fully integrated trade system and marketplace

Integration to a standalone DIBIZ system that manages your entire trade history, status and inventory.

Quotes and messaging system

Create, exchange quotes and messages using the quote generator and chat system

For all the integrated organizations who have
their own internal systems

We can manage your third party suppliers and feed in data through our DigitalPipe. Our systems will help you achieve and shout out to the world about your sourcing initiatives. We have individual applications for every employee in your organisation. Our applications are available in Web version, android and iOS.

Plantations applications

  • Harvester
  • Checker
  • Tractor operator
  • Driver

Oil Mill/ Kernel Oil Mill applications/ Refinery/ Oleochemicals

  • Weighbridge Clerk
  • FFB grading
  • Driver
  • Officer clerk and
  • manager

FMCG’s & Traders

  • Officer clerk and
  • manager

FFB Dealers

  • Officer clerk and
  • manager
  • Weighbridge Clerk
  • FFB grading
  • Driver


Our product offering

  • DIBIZ Marketplace
  • DIBIZ Trade Management system
  • DIBIZ Production Management system
  • DIBIZ Product Trace system
  • DIBIZ Driver Trip Management
  • DIBIZ Audit Reporting (upcoming)
  • DIBIZ Smallholder systems