The Palm Oil Problem

The Palm Oil industry faces compliance, financial and reputational risks if it does not engage in sustainable palm oil production, trading and consumption. 

Demand for Sustainable Palm Oil is expanding on a massive scale and is projected to multiply in an incremental way. 

This has become a massive challenge in the industry as Plantations do not generally have a Digital Workflow to track the FFB and nearly 40% are Smallholders who are cut out from Sustainable Supply Chain. 

DIBIZ addresses all issues of a Smallholder by simplifying the process through an easy to use Mobile App and digitizing their existing business all for free. DIBIZ aims to uplift the smallholders and independent organizations into the Sustainable supply chain.

How DIBIZ solves this problem

DIBIZ intends to solve this problem through a collaborative, trustable and flexible platform which offers customers value at each level across a supply chain. DIBIZ creates a connected ecosystem with the whole supply chain which enables real time traceability right to block level for a manufacturer. Using DIBIZ, every manufacturer can find the source of the product with just one click of a button.

Plantation Company

Logistic Company

Palm Oil Mill Companies

Storage Companies

Logistics Companies

Palm Oil Refinery Company

Shipping Logistics Company

End Customer Company

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