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Onboard and transact with your supply chain partners with ease through DIBIZ, leading to huge savings on sustainability premiums and reduced overheads on ESG efforts.
Suitable for both small and large manufacturers & suppliers, service providers and channel partners.
Enhanced supply chain visibility and traceability, powered by blockchain and geo-spatial analytics, with granular data captured along the chain.
Digitizing supply chain interactions enables inter-company workflow to reduce costs and improve productivity.
DIBIZ in Action
Here are the motives, why DIBIZ is here, and how we can turn up your growth.
DIBIZ - Connected Supply Chain Platform for Sustainable Commodities
Manage your ethical sourcing & sustainable supply chain. A disruptive digital platform connecting all stakeholders in a sustainable supply chain Powered by blockchain technology
DIBIZ TrustParent MarketplaceTM  for Sustainable Supply Chains
Experience the Trust, Transparency, and Traceability in your supply chain operations. Digital Collaboration Platform connecting all stakeholders in a sustainable supply chain
How DIBIZ Helps You?
Here are the advantages of DIBIZ, which make your collaborative chain effective.
ESG Management Made Easy and Affordable
DIBIZ makes ESG management easier, faster, and more affordable, delivering higher investment returns.
Savings of up to 30% on Premium
Manufacturers can improve their margins with a potential savings of up to 30% on premiums paid for Sustainable products
Traceability from Source to End Product
Real-time traceability from source to end product, ensuring sustainability and brand protection.
Unlocks New Opportunities
DIBIZ opens opportunities to sell sustainable products with premiums across the globe to demanding customers
Saves Time and Effort
Save time and Effort through an integrated single end-to-end platform enabling better collaboration with supply chain partners
Save on Interest with Green Financing
Immutable data on sustainability through DIBIZ - A great asset to avail attractive green financing and save millions on interest rates
Facilitates Measurement of Scope 3 Carbon Emissions
DIBIZ facilitates to mitigate the Scope 3 emissions across the entire supply and value chain through collaboration with suppliers and customers.
How it works?
Sign up for Free & connect with trading partners
SaaS modules for Supply Chain Digitization & Data Collation
Carry out private & Secure trade negotiations
Manage Digital Trade contracts on the blockchain
Discover new certified products and companies
Save time and effort in the trading process
Take advantage of our integrated trade process
Initiate contracts and RFQs
Not Just a Traceability Platform
Transactions are generated and auto-compiled
Real-time reconciliation of products digitally
Checks & balances for monitoring fraud and inaccurate data
Improve Productivity & Yield resulting in better ROI
Verifiable sustainability credentials on a blockchain
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